Arduino Protoshield

Our Arduino Protoshield is a convenient, quick way to build projects on your Arduino. On our shield we've broken out the all the Arduino's pin set into easy-to-use terminal blocks.

Our shield hosts the following:

  • Screw terminal blocks for all 28 pins
  • Long-tail headers for plugging in and extending the 0.1" headers
  • 3-pin servo headers for pins 2-13
  • Power-select header for alternate power on the shield.
  • A Broad set of prototyping vias + Vcc and Gnd strips running the length.
Naturally, we feel like our Protoshield is the best out there. It provides for a broad range of projects and lots of flexibility. Our Proto-shield comes with everything needed to construct and begin usage:
  • Two 8-pin Long-tail headers
  • Two 6-pin Long-tail headers
  • Two sets of screw terminal blocks
  • One 2-position terminal block
  • One header jumper for power select
  • One three-pin header for power select

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Price: $15.00


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