ConductiveResistance is live!

Posted in (News) by Aaron on 14-10-2010

I didn’t mean for this site to start out as rough as it is, but I had a time-table. A couple of weeks ago a friend and I started working on a halloween project that moved from being a fun idea to being a full-blown kit that people could assemble. Although I’ve done quite a lot on, I wanted to get started on providing services and products on a dedicated site. Thus, is born.

So, as I just said ConductiveResistance is intended as a way for me to host information and sell products, etc. While I don’t expect to attain the heights of Adafruit or SparkFun by the end of the week, I hope that having this site will serve as a good resource for the community.In a day or two I should have a tutorial and a kit available. Check back soon!

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