New Product: EerieEyes

Posted in (News) by Aaron on 28-10-2010

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After a lot of work tuning the firmware and building a site for it, we’re finally ready to sell our first product: EerieEyes.

EerieEyes is a fairly simple circuit that, when turned on and put in the dark provides an eerie pair of eyes staring out from the darkness. We’re certainly not the first people to have this idea, but we’re pretty sure that we’re the first to build one on an AVR, and offer it up open source/open hardware.

We hope to be able to expand the firmware available here. Right now, EerieEyes blinks, and if you connect a Peizo or Vibrating motor up to the extension pads, it’ll buzz. There’s an ISP header available for onboard programming, and it also provides a breakout for all 5 GPIO pins.

Happy Halloween!

EerieEyes Assembly

Posted in (Tutorials) by Aaron on 27-10-2010

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So you’ve got your EerieEyes Kit and you want to assemble it! You’ve come to the right place. Following are the instructions.

The kit you received may say “ScaryEyes” on it, instead of EerieEyes. This was our first go at a kit, and as a result we had a few errors. Rather than be wasteful, we decided to let it slide and try to make the best of it. The instructions are the same.

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ConductiveResistance is live!

Posted in (News) by Aaron on 14-10-2010

I didn’t mean for this site to start out as rough as it is, but I had a time-table. A couple of weeks ago a friend and I started working on a halloween project that moved from being a fun idea to being a full-blown kit that people could assemble. Although I’ve done quite a lot on, I wanted to get started on providing services and products on a dedicated site. Thus, is born.

So, as I just said ConductiveResistance is intended as a way for me to host information and sell products, etc. While I don’t expect to attain the heights of Adafruit or SparkFun by the end of the week, I hope that having this site will serve as a good resource for the community.In a day or two I should have a tutorial and a kit available. Check back soon!